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Service & Anti-Virus

Mechanics agree that it’s unwise, both in the long and short term, not to have your vehicle serviced regularly. A properly-maintained car is not only more efficient, it’s safe and less likely to breakdown as a result. Your computer is no different. Having your computer serviced annually by a Carbil technician will dramatically reduce the chance of an unexpected breakdown, and radically increase your computer’s functionality and lifespan, saving you valuable time and money in the long term.

Ensure your computer is operating at its maximum capability for only $89!

Carbil Computers Annual Service includes:

  • Up-to-date Updates – All existing Windows and software updates completed.
  • Hardware Tested – Hardware is checked extensively to ensure all is operating correctly.
  • Bugs Eradicated – Full system check for malicious bugs and damaging programmes designed to harm your computer.
  • Disk Cleanup - The removal of temporary files and unwanted startup items.
  • Instant Internet Security and Virus Protection – Includes the installation of applicable Webroot/Kaspersky/Trend Mirco antivirus software, ensuring maximum protection.
  • Full Clean Out – All dust and dirt removed from the inside compartments to avoid potential overheating and costly damage.

No Need To Book An Appointment!

We understand how important your computer is to you and that servicing it should be fast, reliable and affordable. That is why we have our own fully skilled and capable Service Technician to complete all Service and Anti-Virus jobs quickly and efficiently.

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